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Our Affiliates Summer Special Promotion is now Closed 

Fast track your future today. Get started this July and August with the OspreyFX Affiliates
Summer Special promotion. We have so much more to offer, don’t miss out on all other promotions. 


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To Take Part:

Sign up today and earn 20% more from referrals throughout July and August

Available to: New Affiliates during the promotional period.
Starting: 15th July 2020.
Ending: 31st August 2020.

Minimum entry requirements: 10 sign-ups using your Affiliate link, each trading a minimum of 10 lots. But that’s not all. If you reach the minimum requirements during the first month, we’ll automatically give you the campaign commission of $3 per lot throughout both July and August.

*subject to terms and conditions.

OspreyFX Affiliate
Summer Special

For July and all of August, we are giving you the chance to earn an additional 20% in Affiliate commissions. If you reach the minimum requirement of 10 referrals, each trading a minimum of 10 lots each for the remainder of July, we will automatically boost your commissions for August too.

Affiliate Summer Promotion

Terms and Conditions:

1. This promotional offer applies to non-OspreyFX  Affiliates which create an affiliate account  between 15th  July and 31st  August 2020.

2. Qualifying Affiliates must generate a minimum of 10 active referrals, each generating a minimum of 10 lots via their Affiliate link during the promotional period to qualify for the additional 0.50c (20% increase) per lot.

3. If the OspreyFX  Affiliate does not generate a minimum of  10 active referrals each generating a minimum of 10 lots via their Affiliate link during the promotional period, any lots generated through referrals throughout July and/or August will be paid at the standard rate of $2.50.

4. Should an eligible OspreyFX  Affiliate generate 10 active referrals each generating a minimum of 10 lots between 15th  July and 31st July, s/he will be entitled to receive $3.00 per lot throughout July and August.

5. In the eventuality that the OspreyFX Affiliate is unable to reach the minimum requirements of the promotional offer between 15th and 31st July, the OspreyFX Affiliate will still be able to benefit from the offer for the last month of the promotion, should s/he cumulatively reach the minimum requirements by the 31st August.

6. Once the promotion has ended, any participating  OspreyFX Affiliate will be entitled to the standard $2.50 per lot offer.

7. OspreyFX Affiliates who are eligible for this promotional offer will be paid any additionally owed commissions generated during the promotional period via a manual adjustment as a part of the weekly payments on Friday 4th September.

8. Existing OspreyFX Affiliates will be deemed eligible for the offer, provided that they created an OspreyFX Affiliate account  in the 72 hours that precede the start of the promotion and contact via customer support or email on [email protected] with a request to take part.

9. As a broker, we reserve the right to exclude eligible OspreyFX users from the promotion should they be in breach of any general Terms and Conditions found here.

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