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Islamic Accounts at OspreyFX

OspreyFX makes available the opportunity of trading all our pairs/instruments according to Sharia Law. Open an Islamic Account to get a swap fee-free Trading Account today.


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About Islamic Accounts OspreyFX

Islamic Accounts at OspreyFX

What it is and the benefits it brings to your trades

An Islamic Trading Account is an account that abides by Sharia Law and grants traders the ability to trade with a swap fee-free account. Traders can still trade all pairs and instruments available at OspreyFX when using an Islamic Trading Account. Different from traditional trading accounts, an Islamic Account doesn’t generate any swap interest. Which is an interest paid or received by a trader after leaving an open position overnight.

Why Open an Islamic Account?

Full Trading Experience

Trade all pairs and instruments available in OspreyFX.

No Swap Fees

Start trading without rollover interests on overnight positions.

Everyone can Join

At OspreyFX every trader can open an Islamic Trading Account and enjoy the benefits.

Opening an Islamic Account
with OspreyFX

An account type that sticks to its purpose

All OspreyFX clients can benefit from having an Islamic Account. However, the end goal is to provide those who personally require to trade within Sharia Law a safe environment where they can belong. Open your Islamic Trading Account with OspreyFX and join the world of swap free trading. If you want to learn the steps to open your first Islamic Account with us, just click the button below.

Step By Step Guide

About Islamic Accounts OspreyFX

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