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Market Volatility: Why It’s Important

Financial events throughout the economic year can have a big impact on price volatility across all markets.

Market Performance & Volatility

Volatility is a measure of speed and scale at which price changes, resulting in unpredictable trading outcomes. Various events from economic data releases to global health or environmental disasters can radically affect even the best thought-out trading plans. During these times, it is common for traders to experience slippage. OspreyFX aims to supply traders with the necessary tools to help them take advantage in times of volatility. Take a deeper look into what slippage is here.

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What’s Happening in the Market?

Many assets can become volatile in and around specific market events, for instance, there can often be a correlation with the US dollar and the monthly Non-Farm Payroll report. Keep an eye on our Economic Calendar below to stay up to date with key dates that may impact the assets you trade.

Source – Tradays

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