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10 May 2021
3 min read

Biden Looking to Ease Covid-19 Restrictions as New Cases Drop

Biden Looking to Ease Covid-19 Restrictions as New Cases Drop

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Key Takeaways

  • President Joe Biden is expected to gradually ease restrictions as more people get the vaccine
  • The US reported 22,073 new cases on Sunday, the lowest since June 14, 2020

The Biden administration has signaled that the US government is in preparations to relax certain coronavirus restrictions. Mask-wearing recommendations and social distancing could be updated due to the receding number of confirmed daily cases of the virus. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert and Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, said the Center for Disease and Control Prevention is ready to announce more liberal restriction guidance as the larger percentage of the public has already received at least one shot of the vaccine.

The successful vaccination rollout in the US is quickly approaching 60% of all adults, currently standing at 58%, according to CDC data. If the current daily vaccination rate is maintained, Joe Biden will meet his goal of administering the first jab of the vaccine to 70% of American adults by June 21st, 12 days before his deadline – the Fourth of July. The White House administration also aims to lift even more restrictions if the vaccination goal is met by the set date.

Some coronavirus restrictions have already been eased by the CDC. Near the end of April, the CDC announced that fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear face masks when walking or gathering in small groups outside. Fully vaccinated people could gather indoors with other people who have also been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

In the US, newly reported cases have remained under the 50,000 mark for over a week, while health authorities have been administering an average of 2 million doses a day for the past seven days. The US reported less than 34,000 new cases for Saturday, and a little over 22,000 Covid-19 cases for Sunday, confirming the downward trend.

Infrastructural Spending in the Pipeline

Republicans are heaping pressure on President Biden by suggesting the administration eased restrictions further to incentivize more adults to get the vaccine. On that note, the President has been pushing for the passage of his infrastructure plan, saying the two priorities go together.

“Our vaccination progress and our economic recovery go hand in hand. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, more than 163 million rescue payments have already gone out — help is here,” Mr. Biden said in a tweet last week.

For the past month, Joe Biden has been actively seeking bipartisan support to pass his $2.3tn plan to rebuild the nation’s “crumbling infrastructure.” In another effort to drum up support for his big-ticket spending, President Biden will meet with Republicans this week to see if he can find common ground for the approval of trillions in spending on fixing roads, bridges, public transit, and broadband Internet, among other measures.

The President will be hosting top lawmakers at the White House on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the proposals but mounting opposition from the Republicans will either cause changes in the plan or force

the Democrats to move the measures through Congress without GOP support. Democrats hope that this week’s meetings will help the parties agree on a proposal that could be passed in the House by July 4.

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