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Bitcoin Gains Affiliate Competition

Over $9,500 up for Grabs!
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At OspreyFX, we are offering yet another opportunity for you to make more money. Join our Bitcoin Gains Competition and reach your goals even faster by being rewarded for your skills as an Affiliate.

We’ve split our Affiliates into three tiers so everyone can get the same opportunity to win big within their respective levels.

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Bitcoin Gains Affiliate Competition Prizes

Even More to Gain!

You can win an extra $1,000 in our competition by standing out from the rest:

1) Most improved performance: $500 Prize.

2) Most lots traded during the competition: $500 Prize.

Do you have what it takes to win?

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Bitcoin Gains Affiliate Competition

Terms and conditions

    1. This competition is available to all existing OspreyFX Affiliates that signed up until 00:00 GMT-5 on 25th December 2020.
    2. This competition will run from 00:00 GMT-5 on 25th January to 23:59 GMT-5 on 22nd March 2021. 
    3. The final lot figure generated between the start and end dates of the competition will be the figures used to determine the top 3 winners of the competition from each tier and the 2 additional prize winners. 
      The minimum requirements for Affiliates within each tier can be found below:
      Tier 1 :Qualifying Affiliates must generate a minimum of 50 referral lots collectively between the start and end dates of the competition in order to qualify for a prize.
      Tier 2: Qualifying Affiliates must generate a minimum of 175 referral lots collectively between the start and end dates of the competition in order to qualify for a prize.
      Tier 3: Qualifying Affiliates must generate a minimum of 400 referral lots collectively between the start and end dates of the competition in order to qualify for a prize.
    4. The Affiliates generating the top 3 referral lots during the competition within each tier (a total of 9 Affiliates) will be awarded the following prizes in relation to their ranking:
      Tier 1 Prizes: (1st Place – $500/2nd Place – $250/3rd Place – $175).
      Tier 2 Prizes: (1st Place – $1,000/2nd Place – $750/3rd Place – $500).
      Tier 3 Prizes: (1st Place – $3,000/2nd Place – $1,500/3rd Place – $1,000).
    5. The 2 additional prize winners will be selected based on the overall best improvement in % of lots generated during the competition and the Affiliate with the most new active referrals during the competition period.
    6. The two additional prize winners must generate a minimum of 200 lots in order to qualify for the additional prizes
    7. An Affiliate may win only one main tiered prize, though additional prizes may be won in conjunction with any of the main tiered prize wins. 
    8. Affiliates will still be subject to receive the standard $2.50 per lot from their referrals signing up under their Affiliate link as well as any prize the affiliate may be worthy of winning. Affiliates who may be subject to any other commission payment plan besides the standard rate of $2.50 per standard lot, will not be entitled to participate in this competition.
    9. The respective prize funds will be converted from USD to Bitcoin at the exchange rate used by OspreyFX and paid in Bitcoin via the winners trading account.
    10. OspreyFX will notify the 11 lucky winners by email within 24 hours from the end of the competition.
    11.  Winners will be awarded their prize upon response to the email notification which must be no later than 17:00 GMT-5 Thursday 25th March, otherwise prize will be forfeited.
    12. These prizes cannot be exchanged for any other currency other than Bitcoin.
    13. OspreyFX reserves the right to check Affiliate activity throughout the competition.
    14. Affiliates found to be in breach of any general Terms and Conditions will not be eligible for any prize. This includes but is not limited to any fraudulent activity that may be detected that could jeopardize fairness or equality between Affiliates.
    15. OspreyFX reserves the right to amend these competition Terms and Conditions at any stage during the competition.
    16. Only Pro and Standard lot trades will count toward lot figure generation during this competition (excluding Mini and .Var). 
    17. In the event of a tie between Affiliates in respect of the number of lot referrals generated during the Competition, the respective prize fund will be split equally between the Affiliates involved in the tie.
    18. Winners accepting their prize will be asked for consent to publish their first name and respective prize won on the OspreyFX Competition Page, and for a short-written interview to be used for marketing purposes including but not limited to the OspreyFX website and social media channels.
    19. To automatically qualify for tier 1, 2 or 3, the Affiliate must have created their rebate account prior to the last 3 months from Friday 8th January. (Before or on October 8th, no later.)
    20. Affiliate performance data from those signing up within the last 3 months from Monday 9th January 2021 (from Monday 9th October 2020 to Friday 25th December 2020) will be individually placed into tier 1,2 or 3 – at discretion of OspreyFX.
    21. As per clauses S and T above all participants shall be assigned a Tier in which they will compete for the whole duration of the competition irrespective of the total amount of lots each participant generates.