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03 Sep 2019
2 min read

Bitcoin rises again today to reach $10,000 mark

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Written by OspreyFX News Team

Bitcoin finally rises again over $10,000 mark today

The cryptocurrency markets started the week on a positive note with legacy Bitcoin rising again and regaining the $10,000 level today. At press time on Tuesday, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap was up by at least 6% to the $10,400 mark. It had dropped to the $9500 level over the weekend with many analysts predicting that this was a new low to be tested. 


Altcoins lifted 

Other currencies also showed some improvement overall, although the increase was not as much as Bitcoin’s. Ethereum briefly reclaimed the $180 level late on Monday night but was trading at around the $177 level on Tuesday as selling pressure began to hit. Another notable performer was Bitcoin Cash which was up by at least 8% to the $295 level after having sunk to as low as $277 over the weekend on low volume. 

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ETC rises by over 6% 

Ripple continued to disappoint with weak turnover keeping the price at just over the $0.26 mark whilst Litecoin was also in positive territory as it rose by around 25% to the $67 level. EOS rose by a similar amount to the $3.32 mark whilst the biggest gainer was Ethereum Classic which saw a 6% rise to the $6.70 level at press time on Thursday.  


Most coins looking positive 

Currencies further down the line also saw some increases. NEO once again sailed over the $9 mark on the back of a 3% increase whilst XMR (Monero) was also in positive territory with a jump of 5% to the $73.65 level. IOTA remained rather stagnant at the $0.25 level whilst ZEC increased slightly to the $46 level. Another coin which showed positive movement, although still rather static was DASH which reclaimed the $80 mark.  

Osprey FX customers should note that after a rather negative August where almost every major crypto lost ground against the USD, September seems to be indicating a trend reversal. However, most coins are at bimonthly lows so there will have to be considerable movement for these to show some sort of upward trajectory. 

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