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18 Apr 2021
3 min read

Economic Calendar Updates – 18/04

Economic Calendar Updates

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Key Takeaways

  • Relatively light set of economic data ahead
  • Earnings reports by Netflix, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer on the agenda

The week, starting Monday, April 19, is set to bring a relatively lightweight economic calendar. With fewer events on the agenda, investors could take some time to reassess how the market has progressed so far and where is the economy headed as the second quarter unfolds.

To kick off the weekly events, Australia releases RBA meeting minutes on Monday at 09:30 pm EST. The minutes will include the outlook for the economy through the lens of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

On Tuesday, the focus goes to New Zealand and later Australia again. At 06:45 pm EST, New Zealand will report its consumer price index (CPI) every quarter for the first quarter. Australia releases its retail sales report for March at 09:30 pm EST.

Key Economic Updates Across the Globe

On Wednesday, The UK will publish its consumer price index on an annual basis for March. The report is set to arrive at 02:00 am EST. Later, at 08:30 am EST, Canada releases Core CPI followed by the Bank of Canada interest rate decision at 10:00 am EST. An hour later, the Bank of Canada will hold its press conference.

On Thursday, the European Central Bank will announce its interest rate decision and monetary policy statement at 07:45 am EST. Later, at 08:30, the US publishes the weekly initial jobless claims report.

And on Friday, the UK reports retail sales for March. The report will arrive at 02:00 am EST. At 03:30 am EST, Germany will publish its manufacturing PMI for April.

In addition, the US earnings season will be into its second week as it already kicked into gear in the prior week. Some major companies that will announce their earnings include Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, the pharmaceutical companies that produce the Covid-19 vaccine, Procter & Gamble Co., Verizon Inc., Coca-Cola Co., and Netflix Inc., among many others.

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