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Become a Forex Trader: How to Start

From Enthusiast Beginner to Successful Forex Trader

If you are looking to start your forex trading journey, your search has certainly resulted in the finding: anyone can trade forex. Anyone with the will to invest a little money and enough patience to learn the tricks of the trade – pun intended. Online trading platforms have opened up new ways for amateurs and non-experts to trade on the international financial markets. This brings a lot of opportunity to people looking for a secondary source of income.

While it won’t be difficult to get started, you may need some practice before generating profits. A successful trader knows just how to limit losses, identify good trades, set efficient tactics, and manage risk. If you rush your start and do poorly, this might discourage you. So it is important to begin with quality informative content and practice, to build up confidence as a trader.

Therefore, we have outlined the main steps that will take you from being an aspiring trader to a financially successful forex trader.

The 8 Steps to Start Your Trading Journey the Right Way

The 7 steps to starting your trading journey the right way

1) Find a Trustworthy Forex Broker

First things first, before you decide on your broker, search, get referrals, and read the reviews. All the reviews. You want to start with a good experience. Therefore the broker you select should tick off three main qualities:

  • Trustworthiness and reliability
  • Flexible options and efficient features
  • User-friendly platform and customer service
2) Consider Your Trading Capital

As a forex trader, you don’t need a huge budget. The ability to trade on margins allows you to have a minimal starting capital. All you really need is enough to create a buffer so that you’re not forced out of a trade in case of loss.

3) Start Your Practice with a Demo Account

A demo account is a perfect tool to help you try out strategies and practice early in your journey. It is basically connected to the live market, in real-time, but operates without real funds. Every move you make will result in losses or gains in a complete simulation of reality. It exists to relieve you of the pressures of risk as a beginner and allow you to practice trading before jumping in.  Our tip here would be to before you trade with real money, aim to have several successful and profitable trades on your demo account. Do that for a few weeks or a couple of months until you feel ready.

4) Educate Yourself on the Topic

Aside from practicing on a demo account, the best way to get ahead in trading is education. So seek forex trading advice, from peers, books, or trading educational portals. Learning what the basics are and what others did, will help you develop your own trading style. Forex can be intimidating, so get as much guidance as you need to bring out the confident trader in you.

5) Stay Informed

Keeping a close eye on the international financial markets is a way to train yourself. Observation is key to finding patterns and potential opportunities. But that is not all. Subscribe to new briefs, watch TV every morning, or follow relevant Twitter accounts. The goal is to stay informed on what political, economic, and influential business events are occurring around the globe and see how these affect the markets.

6) Have a Moderate and Disciplined Approach

Start small. Once you start trading with real money, keep things in perspective. Going in too strong, too soon, and you might let anxiety and the pressure of loss get to you. Many a-trader has made rash decisions, impulsive moves, initiated by fear or ego. And these never end successfully. Opting to start with smaller investments greatly reduces stress and allows you to focus on your tactics.

7) Trade currency Pairs Strategically

The purpose of practice and education is to initiate your senses on what is a good trade and how to spot a bad one before even getting on it. And also, for you to develop your own trading style. This is a result of trial and errors, and a process of adapting tactics and strategies as you go along. Once you have found the currency pairs that suit your trading style or reworked your style to fit the requirements of a certain pair, you truly begin to trade strategically.

8) Keep a Trade Journal

A trade journal is a record of all your trades. From technical information to emotional triggers. Maintaining a diary is crucial in the learning process and as a way to track the performance of various strategies. It is also a very effective method to learn emotional control and managing pressure from risks and losses. Log the purpose of the trade, the perceived opportunity, the skills acquired, the gaps to fill, and the results. But also, your feelings, what went through your mind at the execution, and your reaction to the profit or loss. If you regularly review your diary and discern patterns, you are one step closer to becoming a disciplined, successful trader.

What the Future Looks Like

What the future looks like

So you have passed the beginner level, practiced for weeks, obtained some forex education, and finally become consistently profitable. You are now equipped with all the tools you need to make it in the world of foreign exchange. The international market is open around the clock, so you can find opportunities any time of the day, or night. While it is a little different trading on a demo account than with your own real, hard-earned money. The more experience and discipline you accumulate, you will learn to navigate the murky, treasure-filled waters of forex trading.

It is now time to consider the next steps in your forex trader path. The future is bright if you stay consistent and never stop learning. Honing your new skill-set regularly and staying atop the news and events will be your major assets. Check out educational content that suits your level, there is always more to learn!

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