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Ultimate Guide from Top Affiliate Marketers

Ultimate Guide from Top Affiliate Marketers

*OspreyFX would like to state that traders should research extensively before following any information given hereby. Any assumptions made in this article are provided solely for entertainment purposes and not for traders to guide or alter their positions. Please read our Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure for more information.

The advancement in digital technology has impacted the way many of us choose to earn an income. And one of the most important changes of recent years has been the ability to work from anywhere around the globe. This phenomenon has nothing but increased, and drastically so, with the Covid-19 pandemic. More people than ever are working remotely, and others are actively seeking to generate revenue while staying at home.

The allure of becoming a digital nomad is surely the freedom to set your own schedule and create a lifestyle that is not defined by a 9-to-5 job. Many have realized there is more to life than living from paycheck-to-paycheck. Therefore, the obvious choice was getting into Forex Affiliate Marketing. Now, let there be no misconception: Affiliate Marketing in the world of finance is not easy. However, the advice many successful Affiliates continuously give is to never give up. Indeed, persistence yields results. That’s why we collected tried-and-true tips from top Affiliate Marketers to guide you in your journey towards the lifestyle you long for.

Understand the Buyer’s Mentality

If you are marketing and selling a service or a product, the first thing on your list would be to get a good grasp on the buyer mentality. This is an important tip because once you know how to leverage the psychology of your customers, you will put it to good use in your Forex Affiliate Marketing efforts.

In fact, we have identified two main types of buyers:

The logical buyers

If your lead has an over-analytical mind, they will over-judge and assess every little detail in a sale process. They base their decision to purchase or invest on data and facts. They are not likely to be swayed by a heart-to-heart or lured through any charming communication.

The emotional buyers

If your lead follows their gut-feeling and tends to listen to their emotions, they are categorized as emotional buyers. Therefore, they must first believe in you and in the soul of the purchase. These are the best types of buyers because they can be convinced through a compelling story. And if they are satisfied with the service, they will turn into fervent fans that will help spread the word and expand your reach.

Each category of buyers will respond to a different type of marketing. Therefore your content must reflect this difference in the sales strategy. Use psychology to determine the best approach that will convert your leads into customers.

Ultimate Guide from Top Affiliate Marketers

The Four Inner Components of Affiliate Marketing

The journey of an Affiliate Marketer is bumpy and includes several parameters to always keep in sight. In the sales journey, there are also four major components. Each of these will entail relevant marketing activities.

The Publisher

You, as an Affiliate Marketer, are a publisher. Therefore, you need a platform to market and advertise your services. This platform needs to have a wide audience reach, otherwise, you need to build this awareness and grow the base as you go along.

  • Select the channels/platforms you will be active on (for example: a blog, Instagram, a Facebook page or community group, YouTube, etc.). You can choose the combination of channels that make sense to you and matches your strategy.
  • Create your story. Make it compelling, you want people to care about you and your products. Here you are primarily engaging the emotional buyers.
  • Develop and nurture your audience. Make it easy for them to reach you via many contact options. Most importantly, keep them engaged.
  • Build an email list and send frequent updates – but not too many. Reach out to them smartly with a message they want to read. Remember, quality versus quantity. Your audience is more likely to remember you after seeing a piece of noteworthy content.
The Merchant

A Forex Broker in this case is considered a merchant. Thus, you should carefully choose the broker you associate with. Make sure the offering is relevant to your audience and makes sense to you financially.

The Network

A network is a group of companies or individuals that place their offers on an Affiliate Marketing platform. Being part of the Affiliate program can help in growing your audience and the services you promote. Often, the broker you select will have their own Affiliate Program. Once again, due diligence is a must, and choose wisely.

The Consumer

Your target audience and leads respond to pertinent and unique content that delivers real value. If you exclusively apply hard sell tactics, you probably won’t get the traction you need. So, go back to the sales psychology and draft a solid content strategy to attract more customers.

  • Deliver value to your audience
  • Stay consistent
  • Be engaging and always interact with people
  • Promote your Affiliate Links – use URL shorteners
  • Run paid advertising campaigns such as Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads with your link
  • Target specific keywords and invest time in link building


You are now equipped with the information that can guide you towards a successful Forex Affiliate Marketing journey. The possibilities are real, the limits are endless, but it is a difficult road ahead. It is always wise to take things slow and go step-by-step before marching out on your 9-to-5 job. There is no such thing as becoming suddenly rich from this business. Success requires investing in your time, skills, and your network. With some patience, soon enough your affiliate sales will start bringing in a steady stream of income. That’s when you reap the rewards of your efforts, and that’s when the lifestyle you sought becomes a reality.

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