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03 Mar 2022
1 min read

Gold and US Dollar Price Forecast

Gold and US Dollars have long been considered as safe-haven investments in times of crisis. While the XAU/USD remains below the key $1,950 mark on Thursday as the greenback maintains its strength. Indeed gold bulls will find that the $1,950 barrier is a difficult one to push.

A Month-long Uptrend

The ongoing trendline offers solid support for the precious metal at $1,904. The raging war in Europe is being closely watched and any developments on that front will intensify risk-aversion sentiments in the upcoming market sessions. The US dollar will probably continue to be a strong safety net that will affect the price of gold.

At this point, buyers look towards acceptance above $1,950 to reinforce the rise towards the high of $1,975. However, if daily markets continue to close below the month-long uptrend support of $1,904 it will trigger a harsh sell-off.

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