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20 Jan 2022
3.5 min read

2022 Opens Bullish Prospects For Gold & Silver

2021 was not a year to remember for gold and silver. With gold closing the year down 3.6% and silver down 11.5%, the metals notched record 6- and 7-year declines respectively. But interestingly, 2022 may offer a welcome bullish streak, according to analysts.  

An upwards turn for precious metals will hinge upon the pace of pandemic recovery around the globe. Last year Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell declared that inflation pressures could no longer be dismissed as ‘transitory’, and ongoing price pressures may push more traders towards the yellow metal. To be precise, gold’s higher lows since mid-December could be a sign of increased volatility and momentum to come. 

Meanwhile, demand for silver is anticipated to grow as the door is closed on 2021’s supply chain and energy cost issues. In particular, investment in solar power could push silver higher and even help it outperform gold. 

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