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Boosting Commissions Through Instagram

Boosting Commissions Through Instagram

*OspreyFX would like to state that traders should research extensively before following any information given hereby. Any assumptions made in this article are provided solely for entertainment purposes and not for traders to guide or alter their positions. Please read our Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure for more information.

Key Takeaways

  • Why choosing Instagram is the right move
  • 7 Tips to grow your network
  • How OspreyFX can help Affiliates take their earnings to the next level

When we think of Instagram we might think of foodies & fashionistas. However, it might surprise you that the social media platform is home to over 1 billion tech-savvy users per month that are lurking in the shadows for their next opportunity – making it a must-have tool in your approach to Affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, the average person spends 30 minutes per day on the platform and 500 million people use stories every day. When it comes to Forex Affiliation Instagram is undeniably a powerful channel and one that holds immense monetization potential. In fact, in recent years, we have seen a wave of self-made influencers & brand ambassadors become Affiliate powerhouses by stemming the social media giant!

With the sheer volume of Instagram’s global audience, there are plenty of opportunities for all kinds of Forex Affiliate marketers, from educational websites and signal providers to the lifestyle trader. Irrespective of the kind of content you choose to create, Instagram can help you reach the right demographic and increase your conversions.

7 Tips to Grow your Network via Instagram

Get Noticed – “Build it and They Will Come”

This may seem like an obvious point, but to become a successful Instagrammer, grabbing attention is key to your success. Nevertheless, making your presence felt is not always an easy task. Building a following on Instagram is similar to that of other social networks – the best way is to be “social on social”.

Getting noticed on Instagram will be a blend of posting your own trading related content that others can engage with and following others Forex related accounts and you commenting on their posts. However, it’s important to highlight that all these efforts will be wasted if you aren’t visible. So, make sure your site and brand and most importantly your Instagram profile can be easily found.

Establish Your Niche with a Captivating Bio

Does your bio tell people who you are? Before you do anything make sure that your bio is attractive. Your bio must clearly inform what you do and what action you require from them. Just like your content, your bio must contain keywords both reflect your personality and ones that will resonate and help reach your niche audience. Your bio checklist:

  • Effective keywords
  • Your unique Affiliate link / A link to your website or blog – One of the obstacles Affiliates might come up against with Instagram is the limited opportunity to promote links as users are permitted to only one per biography. A way around this is using tools such as Linktree which will allow Affiliates to connect with their audience with just one link.
  • Branded hashtags
  • Effective & engaging CTAs
Boost Commissions on Instagram
The Power of the Hashtag Game

Just when we thought hashtags were outdated, Instagram made them trendy again, and they can be a powerful tool to help Affiliates increase reach & credibility. Nonetheless, it’s important the hashtags that you use on your posts are relevant to the forex industry and the business you are promoting. Don’t limit yourself either, be authentic and always look for new and entertaining trading related hashtags.

Common hashtags you might use are: #forex #passiveincome #trading #hustle #trader #money #affiliatemarketing #onlinemarketing #forextrader

Content is King, but Context is Queen

Getting noticed is only a small part of the Affiliate puzzle. Growing your network requires user engagement. The trick to increasing engagement is to produce high-value content that offers a solution to the needs of your audience. Your content approach could vary from market analysis, real-time trading, and forex education (trading tips or how-to videos), to investment picks & insight into trading styles & strategies. Your aim is to empower and inspire budding traders in their trading choices.

However, content is king, but context is queen, and the queen rules the roost. What this means is that you should also be mindful of how your audience is viewing the content you produce. Furthermore, as a platform, Instagram is geared towards compacted audio or visual content with a strong focus on aesthetics.

Engage, Engage & Engage some More

The key to all social media success is consistency and engagement. Although content will be key here, the human element is what will resonate with users. Show your audience the person behind the profile by replying to comments, quick response to direct messages, and engage with the content they produce be it a like or a comment. By adopting this approach, you will build trust and become a reputable source for prospective traders.

In addition to this, cultivating strong relationships with other content creators/influencers within the industry will also help grow your Forex Affiliate network.

Your Brand is What Makes you, YOU

The first step in building any brand is to define your goals and set a focus and from here a style can be developed. It might be cliché, but the most powerful thing you can do is be yourself. Defining your own style can be difficult but it’s what will set you apart from the crowd. Building your own brand will be imperative to success, from the designs you choose to the copy and content you promote should resonate with who you are as an individual.

Multi-Channel Approach

This one could be self-explanatory. When deciding on Forex Affiliation Instagram is not going to be enough solely. Affiliate marketing utilizes a full 360 marketing approach, it’s not just about one channel it’s a multi-channel approach.

Affiliates can use both paid and organic methods of promotion but must ensure that they never overdo it. Paid or boosted posts can be a great tactic starting off when following & engagement is low. These posts can be targeted and specifically geared towards your specific demographic. However, it is important to note that boosted posts on Instagram can be expensive. If this is an avenue you choose to tackle here are some tips to help maximize exposure & effectiveness:

  • Refine your target audience – knowing your customer will be key here.
  • Have a clear campaign objective – are you driving awareness/build a following or simply aiming for that immediate action?
  • Use highly attractive & engaging imagery and ensure that the ad copy is good enough to capture an audience in a matter of seconds.
  • Click-worthy CTAs

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a proven traffic-boosting social network, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and achieving your desired results requires patience and grit. So, if you aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work you can reap the benefits. To help our traders become a top OspreyFX Affiliate be provide all the necessary tools to help them earn big. To complement our high-converting marketing assets we offer access to a fully comprehensive eBook that will help sharpen your outreach strategies and boost your referrals.

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