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How to Use Social Media to Drive Affiliate Links

How to use Social Media to Drive Affiliate Links

*OspreyFX would like to state that traders should research extensively before following any information given hereby. Any assumptions made in this article are provided solely for entertainment purposes and not for traders to guide or alter their positions. Please read our Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure for more information.

The world of digital marketing keeps becoming more inclusive. Many sectors are starting to find their footing to grow their business through social media marketing and various online activities. This includes Affiliate Marketers in the Forex industry. Moreover, it’s now common for marketers to use different channels and implement advertising campaigns to reach out to their target audience. Therefore, expand their portfolio, and potentially increase their revenue.

But there are a plethora of social media channels out there. Even more, ways to engage people.

Which ones should you use to promote Forex? This is what we explore in this article. From choosing social media platforms, to what kind of content works best for Affiliate Marketers.

How to use Social Media to Drive Affiliate Links

Choose the Right Social Media Channels

Being active on social media channels can be a great way to generate organic and paid traffic. But not all traffic is relevant, and not all channels are equal for every business. It is counterproductive to create a profile on all the main channels and then rarely be active or be spread too thin to manage them. Also, your target audience may not be present on all social platforms. So, the trick is to choose wisely a couple of channels that combine the high availability of pre-existing audiences interested in your Forex services.

Then you can move on to setting up your profile attractively and prepare engaging content that will be relevant to your target customers. This would be an investment in organic traffic. That is visitors engaging with you online because of interest. The other tools available are paid ads and collaborations. The main channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, are often the go-to social sites for those involved in the financial world.

Many Forex-related businesses choose to run different types of advertisements on one or more of these channels. Running an ad on social media means you can reach out to different segments of audiences and alternate copy and message for each. It also means, you are promoting your website link and therefore increasing traffic, and potentially conversions.

Therefore, consider three things when selecting your platforms:

  • Your sales process
  • The target audience
  • Types of Ads you will use

Staying Consistent

The ultimate key to success on social media, aside from bespoke content for your audience, is without question, consistency. So, if you manage to keep those followers engaged, it’s vital to sustain the momentum. And define a routine for your content that viewers and customers can expect and look forward to. To keep an active social media account, it is helpful to have a monthly or bi-monhtly calendar. This will be your guide towards regular posting. These practices aim at enhancing your authority in the field and expanding your base.

Social Listening and Staying In-The-Know

In order to plan and implement your content approach on social media, and to tweak that continuously based on your audience’s needs, you need to listen. Social listening means staying abreast of what content category and type your followers want and engage with. This entails finding new ways to target your audience following Forex trading trends and industry keywords. There are many good social listening tools out there that will help you achieve this.

But continuously offering content in the very fast-changing Forex world surely means you must stay updated on the financial news. Know what is trending, what events are unfolding, and influencing the Forex markets. Thus, find and subscribe to authoritative sources on the matter such as Bloomberg for example. Never miss a step.

Advertising and Collaborations

Many Forex Affiliate Marketers use social media advertising and paid promotions with collaborators to grow their customer base and boost conversions. And there are several ad types Affiliates can benefit from adding to their campaigns.

These range from engagement ads, website traffic ads, to ad structures optimized for lead generation and conversions. Each social media platform will have its own parameters and ad sets. Using a smart mix and following a media buying plan you have prepared ahead of time is the most efficient way to run online ads.

There are also paid collaborations you can benefit from as a Forex Affiliate Marketer. And social media influencers, are affiliates themselves, in a way. They already have a wide audience reach and can curate the content to make it look great online. One way to choose an influencer is to look at their statistics. But also, check what platforms they are popular on and if their general style fits your services and brand identity. This includes micro-influencers who have somewhere between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. They usually have a highly engaged audience and their posts have a solid impact.

Another type of collaboration is one you can do with your customers. It is a powerful way to engage them and their posts also have a very impactful reach.

Online groups and forums are a great way to connect with niche audiences interested in Forex. Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn have community-oriented spaces for specific industries. And you can interact with those at multiple levels. They can in turn promote relevant content for your business. Keep in mind to approach these groups with interesting informative content, you don’t want to appear spammy or annoying. This will significantly increase the chances of your posts being shared and links being visited.

Optimize and Roll

Even once your social media strategy is in place and running smoothly, the work is not done. If you intend to truly grow your network and increase revenue through the use of digital marketing, you must expect a continuous effort. It’s important to regularly evaluate your social media performance, not only as paid ads but also what return you get from the organic activities. Therefore, make a habit of regularly auditing your online presence, being proactive in collaborations, and optimizing your campaigns to make them more efficient. There is always something you can improve.

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