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Tips to Generate New Qualified Leads

Tips to Generate New Qualified Leads

*OspreyFX would like to state that traders should research extensively before following any information given hereby. Any assumptions made in this article are provided solely for entertainment purposes and not for traders to guide or alter their positions. Please read our Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure for more information.

The level of success of your Forex Affiliate marketing efforts largely depends on acquiring new leads and retaining existing clients. Therefore, Affiliate Managers need to stay creative yet focused on efficient marketing activities. However, it is not enough to receive inquiries and show-of-interest from leads at large. Often, you will realize that quantity does not mean quality.

And that’s what it is all about: the ability to generate qualified leads through effective and targeted activities. The expectation is that those types of leads convert into depositing customers. This is how you get a high return on your investment in marketing and advertising. Many businesses or entrepreneurs choose to outsource this sensitive task to marketing specialists. Nevertheless, if you have the right mindset, the willingness to invest your time and dedication, you can apply lead generation tactics.

Seek Out Quality Rather than Quantity

Choose Right

First things first, choose the right Affiliate Network, the right Broker, and the right program. Why is this so important in generating customers, you may wonder. That’s because you are attaching your business credibility and your name to the services offered by a Forex broker, or a third party. It goes without saying that if the services don’t live up to their advertised features, it will reflect negatively on your reputation. And it is harder to repair a brand identity and reputation than it is to set a solid one correctly from the beginning.

Accordingly, a good Affiliate Network is key to receiving high-quality Forex leads that can convert into high-depositing loyal traders. There is no substitute for a time-tested, results-oriented, Affiliate Marketing program.

Set a Competitive Advantage

You are not the only Forex Affiliate Marketeer. So it is crucial to set yourself apart from the rest by offering an added value to your customers. Hence, spend time researching the needs of your target audience. Then, try to determine which of these needs are not met by other Forex Affiliates or Brokers. If there is a way you can fill the gap in the market, do it and build a campaign around it. Otherwise, find a broker that offers a solution to it and associate yourself with them. At the end of the day, you need to promote services that give you an edge to attract clients.

Build a Campaign

We are going to just assume that you already have a user-friendly, mobile-optimized website. Thus, your website is the cornerstone of any and all online marketing efforts and advertising campaigns. In addition to regularly writing blogs, adding posts on your social media accounts, and sharing contests with interesting prizes, you can allocate a budget for advertising. Keep in mind that if you have a competitive advantage, you definitely want to flaunt it! It’s not enough to offer something great if people (your target audience) don’t know about it. Therefore it is a good idea to invest in different types of advertising campaigns based on what is on offer, your budget, and who the audience is. In fact, you can use online ads for several objectives, that always feed into your website. Whether it is an awareness campaign to inform your base about a new service or promotion, or a website traffic campaign to get new visitors to your site, or a targeted lead generation campaign. Therefore, be aware of the most popular platforms used for ads:

  • Google AdWords
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Finally, you can also collaborate with influencers. While they are commonly known for promoting products, fashion, and real estate, that does not mean you can’t find a new audience niche who would be interested and qualified to convert into traders.

Tips to Generate New Leads

Create Relevant Content

Surely you’ve heard, content is king. So we won’t dwell on it too much, but it is worth repeating: relevant content that is tailored to answer the needs of your audience is precious. Relevancy brings engagement, and engagement may bring leads. Or at the very least, keep your existing clientele of traders involved and satisfied with your services. Therefore, we’re just sharing some types of content you can include in your marketing:

  • Educational videos
  • Infographics
  • Short-form sales videos
  • Webinars
  • Online courses or e-books

If you feel these are oriented towards learning instead of selling, it’s because they are. Seasoned traders and beginners alike need to stay updated, hone their skills, practice, and learn new techniques. And for your audience, receiving such material is priceless.

Target a Qualified Audience

Rather than always using the same, and let’s face it, common, audience targeting keywords and techniques, try something new. Sometimes it helps to expand your reach and look for new qualified leads. If all other Forex Affiliates, as well as brokers, are targeting the same audience, using popular keywords and criteria, that audience may quickly become saturated and difficult to convert. Therefore, it can be beneficial to explore new industries that might overlap with Forex. This means, look for keywords and audiences that are interested in other things, yet still qualify as investors. Being one of the first to target them may just play in your favor. Consider that you are potentially gaining exclusive access to a new community.

Convert Leads into Customers

You may have faced this issue before: many people register on your landing page but don’t end up converting into active traders. There are several tools in your marketeer’s box that you can use to convert these leads. So, use a well thought and well-planned approach to recapture this audience segment via email marketing, or retargeting advertising. Here, analytics are your best friend. Thus make use of them to optimize your campaign and remind these leads why they were interested in your services in the first place.

In Conclusion

Leads generation is a top priority to Forex brokers and Affiliates. But the level of competitiveness increases every day. Thus growing your conversions is getting more challenging. Therefore staying on top of your marketing game is key and so getting creative in finding new audiences. Just remember that walking the path less traveled, in terms of audience targeting, can prove very fruitful!

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