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30 Oct 2019
1 min read

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

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Written by OspreyFX News Team

Understand the Two-Factor Authentication

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, passwords have been the most common form of authentication for users to access their accounts. But being the most common option doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the safest.

The OspreyFX team has, as its top priority, the security and safety of each trader’s account at our foundation. Consequently, the Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA) feature provides an extra layer of security in a trader’s account. It is important for every trader to enable the 2-FA feature to ensure his or her account is always protected and accessible only by the account’s holder.

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How and why is it important to enable the 2-FA?

To learn how to enable the 2-FA feature click here and follow the steps. It’s quick and easy.

2-FA will not only allow every user to stay calm by realising the level of protection their accounts have. But it will take away any concern regarding the vulnerability of one’s password. Since two-thirds of online users use the same password in multiple platforms.

As mentioned above, the 2-FA feature adds a necessary additional layer of security by authenticating every user’s identity. This will protect the account and make data more secure with the use of one-time codes which are nearly impossible to breach.

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As a new or returning OspreyFX user, the 2-FA feature set up will be requested upon logging in. Failure to enable it means the system won’t allow users to log in and access their accounts.

It is of high importance for both experienced and new traders to keep their accounts and trading wallets safe. Set up your 2-FA feature today and enjoy trading safe and calm with OspreyFX.