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19 Apr 2022
1 min read

Energy and Precious Metals Outperform Indexes

Major Indexes Struggle

Lately, rallies in the major indexes have found it difficult to consolidate their gains. ETFs such as DIA (30-Industrials), SPY (500-Large Caps), IWM (2000-Small Caps), IYT (Transports), and QQQ (100-Nasdaq Largest Non-Financial) are still struggling and remain in the red. While assets such as XOP (S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production), XME (S&P Metals & Mining), and XLU (Utilities) are going through a flourishing period of capital influx.

Precious Metals Soar

Also recently, positions in energy and precious metal ETFs are having positive performances and major stock index ETFs are faring well. Meanwhile, inflation is reaching record highs across the globe as central banks raise lending rates. Many investors are reconsidering their positions and keeping cash at the ready as they closely monitor key sectors.

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