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05 May 2020
5 min read

Forex Trading: An Online Solution For Everyone

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Written by OspreyFX News Team
*OspreyFX would like to state that traders should research extensively before following any information given hereby. Please read our Risk Disclosure for more information.

Forex Trading: An Online Solution For Everyone

  • How Forex connects traders and investors from across the globe.
  • The main benefits for traders when they trade Forex.

The internet is without a doubt the most powerful invention of the 21st Century. It is the essential medium through which people stay informed about news and events from all over the world. However, it is also an effective portal through which new business ideas can flourish and innovative ways of earning money become possible. In turn, this helps a broader range of investors to reach their financial goals.

In the past, foreign exchange trading was an activity that people engaged in to acquire foreign currency prior to travelling. Today, foreign exchange trading refers primarily to a type of investment trading that takes place online. Just like trading with stocks, forex allows traders to speculate on the fluctuating value of currencies pertaining to two different countries. It is also a particularly appealing industry for young investors. Trend trading is one of the widely used strategies for beginners and experienced traders alike.

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Forex Trading: Connecting All Traders Towards the Same Goal

It is true that forex trading is not a recent addition to the markets scene. However, it is also true that it’s only through the internet that it has acquired the trend status that it has nowadays. Not only can traders now engage with the market with a low amount of money, but they can also share their experiences and best practices between each other. Moreover, some traders possess strong analytical skills. Meaning that he or she can predict more accurately what the price of a currency will be.

These days there are a lot of platforms and groups for traders to share their trades and experience with others. This enables novice traders to acquire essential knowledge and in turn structure even more effective strategies.

It is important to remind traders that these groups and platforms can also be a source of manipulation. Indeed, some traders that are active in these channels may try to take advantage of new traders who are looking for advice. In some instances, these traders may charge fees for services using empty promises of success and profit. Therefore, traders should use these channels solely as a source of information and updates about the market. As always, doing one’s own research is crucial to becoming a trading expert.

The Internet is your best source of knowledge

However, despite any negatives, the internet still enables users to connect and network with each other. The majority of experienced traders recommend to engage with these groups and learn from other experts. Moreover, they provide different perspectives about preparing and engaging with the market to earn attractive profits at the end. In the past, investors had to have a rigorous academic background and be in possession of  large amounts of capital to start trading. Today, all they need is a stable internet connection, knowledge that can be obtained through many online sources and a high level of discipline.

Below, we will highlight some specific benefits that forex trading can deliver to traders.

The top 4 benefits of Forex trading

1) You can go long and you can go short

Since traders are always selling a currency in exchange for another one, short selling is a fundamental part of forex trading. For instance, when traders think “X” currency will increase in value against currency “Y”, then they can buy the pair, or go long. Conversely, if traders think “X” currency will decrease in value against currency “Y”, then traders can choose to sell the pair or go short.

2) Open 24 hours, 5 days a week

Traders can engage with the forex market from 21:00 on Sunday to 22:00 on Friday. The reason behind these long hours is that forex transactions are completed between parties directly rather than through a central exchange. The benefit that traders can also take from this is the ability to trade in different sessions (London, New York, Tokyo and Sidney). It is a completely global market and traders can trade in the session that they choose.

3) High levels of liquidity

Each day, $6.6 trillion dollars are converted by traders, banks and companies. Moreover, it is the most liquid market in the world as large numbers of buyers and sellers are aiming to make a trade at any given time of the day.

This level of liquidity means that transactions are executed in a smooth, quick and effective way. Furthermore, traders can speculate on price movements of just a few pips as transaction costs and spreads are often very low. OspreyFX offers traders high liquidity together with the tightest spreads available.

4) Leverage trading is an option

Leverage in forex trading allows the trader to open a position by paying just a small amount of the position upfront. Using leverage or margin trading offers traders the opportunity to make large profits from small investments. However, it can also amplify losses, that can even exceed the initial deposit.

Every trader should consider the risks that margin trading presents when engaging with the forex market. Furthermore, acquiring the proper knowledge and experience is vital for traders that aim to leverage their positions.

OspreyFX offers flexible leverage of up to 1:500 and continuous support. So, if you are ready to trade like an expert using the best platform available, then sign up today.