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Do You Provide Tax Statements or a 1099?

Modified on: 12th April 2024

We support our customers in managing their tax requirements and affairs with a trading report from their live accounts.


This option is only available on a desktop computer.


Please note that we are not licensed to give guidance on how to complete your tax forms.


Please use the below steps to create this report in a customized time period as required:


Select My Accounts on your OspreyFX Account.

  • Select the Trading Account that you wish to review

  • Input a date range.

  • Click on the 3 Dots next to the account number.



  • Select Export Account History and a CSV file will be downloaded to your device.



If you would like to view the trading history of your archived trading account, once you are in the Accounts menu, click on the button Show Archived”  

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