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I Have Sent Bitcoin but it is Not Showing in my Account

Modified on: 1st December 2023

After you deposit via Bitcoin, it goes through a Blockchain Network. You need to have 3-6 confirmations before your funds are processed. This can typically take 1-3 hours.

  • Only send Bitcoin (BTC) to the address displayed on the deposit page.

  • Send to the exact Bitcoin (BTC) address displayed on the deposit page.

  • Do not save any of the addresses we provide you. A new Bitcoin. (BTC) address is created each time you create a deposit notification.  

  • We DO NOT accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH).  

  • Check carefully before sending Bitcoin (BTC) as due to the digital currency protocols, transactions can neither be cancelled nor reversed once sent. 

  • Once your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet provider sends the transaction to the Blockchain, the status on the deposit page will update from: 



If it goes over the time frame or you think there may be an issue, feel free to contact us.

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