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OspreyFX: Providing the Payments Team a Selfie

Modified on: 1st December 2023

If you ever need to provide a selfie to the Payments team, you need to ensure that on the photo, you are holding your ID and a piece of paper with the date when the transaction was made, the amount, and your signature.

Please ensure that Your hand/fingers are not covering any of your information on the ID document.


Your selfie should resemble the below:



To achieve this selfie, we would recommend either:

  • Using a timer on your mobile device or webcam.
  • Asking someone to take the image for you.
  • Holding the documents in one hand (as long as all the information is visible) and taking the selfie with your mobile device.


If you need help obtaining the information required on the sheet, please follow the below:


  • Transaction Date and Amount.
  • Click on the Withdrawals tab on your account.
  • The information required will be in the History section.





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