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TradeLocker Interface Guide

Modified on: 1st December 2023

 Refer to the guide below for an overview of the TradeLocker user interface:


1. Instruments/Pairs section: 

Tapping here will show you all the pairs you can trade on TradeLocker. 

A handy search bar is included at the top so that traders can look into their desired pairs with efficiency.


2. Portfolio:

Tapping here will show you your trading portfolio


Here you can access:

  • Open Position
  • Pending Positions
  • Trades
  • Trading History
  • Copy Trade ID (Tap on an open trade)
  • Edit Trade properties (Tap on an open trade) 
  • Close trade (Tap on an open trade) 


3. Profile Settings 

Tapping on the currency icon at the top right of your screen will show you the following:

  • Balance, Profit/Loss, Equity.
  • Margin used, Margin Available, Margin Level (%)
  • Toggle one-click trading
  • Switch accounts.


4. Chart Customization tools:

The tools above the chart, from left to right, are the following:

  • Refresh rate changer
  • Style switcher (changes the chart style, eg Candles, Bars, Lines.)
  • Indicators Scripts
  • Templates (you can save your own templates and access them here)

5. Chart editing tools:


This section provides chart editing tools for monitoring the chart data as your heart desires. 

Please note that not all the tools are visible, so you may need to scroll down on the sidebar to find specific tools.


The tools will be found in the sidebar in the following order:

  • Cursor
  • Draw Trend Lines
  • Gann and Fibonacci tools
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Annotation tools
  • Patterns
  • Prediction and measurement tools
  • Icons
  • Measure
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Magnet tool
  • Stay in drawing Mode
  • Lock Drawing
  • Trash / Remove Drawing
  • Object Tree


6. Execute Order Section:


Tapping on the arrow will expand this section, allowing you to:

  • Set a stop loss/take profit
  • Order at market/pending
  • Buy/Sell buttons 







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