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What is the Withdrawal Process if I use Bitcoin (BTC) to Deposit?

Modified on: 1st December 2023


If you deposit via Bitcoin (BTC), we must send that same amount back to your Bitcoin (BTC) address first before using another withdrawal method.


Example: If you deposit $100 via Bitcoin (BTC) and have a balance of $200 in your OspreyFX Wallet, we have to process $100 back via Bitcoin (BTC) and then we can send the other $100 via any method or to another Bitcoin (BTC) address should you look to withdraw the balance of the $200. 




  !! Please check carefully before requesting a withdrawal !!

  • Only enter a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address     
  • Enter the exact Bitcoin (BTC) address of your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet  


If you notice an error, please contact our support department immediately to see if it is still possible to cancel the withdrawal request. 


Due to the digital currency protocols, transactions can neither be canceled nor reversed once processed. Providing incorrect details may result in the permanent loss of funds. 


We aim to process withdrawal requests within 1 workday, Once processed it can take 1-3 hours or as soon as 3-6 confirmations on the Blockchain before the funds will be available in your BTC wallet. You can monitor/search on


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