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How do I Fund my Account?

Modified on: 1st December 2023



You will have a 30-day time frame to use the account, be able to deposit up to $2000 and start trading with us before verification is necessary.  


After this period, as soon as you hit the $2000 deposit limit or before initiating any withdrawal, it is mandatory to verify your identity to remove all restrictions and fully enjoy the ability to deposit and withdraw funds without limits. 

Verify my identity now.


Step-by-Step Guide


  • Login to your account or Sign Up with us if you do not have one already.

  • Navigate to the Deposit section.

  • Choose your Method, Wallet and Amount.

    You can also deposit directly to your Trading Account without creating an internal transfer by tapping on the “platform” button under the Add Money To section.

  • Click on the Redirect me to the Payments Page button.

Each method has its own process. We suggest finding a method ideal for you and following the guides found in the link below.

You can learn more about funding here.


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