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List of Acceptable Proof of Identity (POI) Documents for Your Account Verification

Modified on: 1st December 2023

Personal Photo Identification – Proof of Identity (POI)


For Identity verification, we will be able to accept ONE of the following:

  • Passport

  • Driving License

  • Residence Documentation

  • National Identity Card


Forms of ID like temporary residence permits are not accepted as proof of identification. 

 Our guidelines:

  • It needs to be a¬†government-issued¬†document.

  • We need the¬†front¬†and¬†back¬†of the document.

  • We must be able to see the¬†full¬†document. All four corners and not cropped.

  • The client must be¬†18 or older.

  • Clients under 18 years old will have their accounts¬†disabled instantly.

  • The document cannot be¬†expired; it must still be valid/current.

  • It cannot be a¬†screenshot¬†from a computer or mobile device.

  • Your¬†Date of Birth¬†should be included in the document.

  • Please make sure the document is not¬†password-protected.

  • The file format should be¬†JPEG¬†or¬†PNG¬†files only.

  • If the documents look tampered with or irregular, they will be¬†denied.



You will have a 30-day time frame to use the account, be able to deposit up to $2000, and start trading with us before verification is necessary.  

After this period, as soon as you hit the $2000 deposit limit or before initiating any withdrawal, it is mandatory to verify your identity to remove all restrictions and fully enjoy the ability to deposit and withdraw funds without limits.  

Take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to verify your identity.


You will find some examples below:


  • All four¬†corners of the document are visible.

  • It‚Äôs clear and readable.

  • Nothing is edited.

 Not Acceptable:

  • We do not accept cropped documents.

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